9 Rules of Men’s Denim

Jeans. A true staple of modern men’s clothing. A good pair can be paired with sneakers, and a t-shirt for a quick trip to the store, or with a blazer for a first date. Simply put, jeans are everywhere, and are worn by most people, including President Obama who was persuaded to upgrade his mom jeans.

How then, do we see people in funky pairs like this picture?

Bad Jeans example What on Earth???


Below are the 9 Rules of Men’s Denim, to guide you, and a few links to some cool pairs.

1. Don’t attempt to pull off the “skinny jeans” that we’ve seen on a lot of hipsters lately. Very few people can, and the odds are very good that you’re not one of them. Just say no.

2. Choose pre-distressed jeans wisely. They are in vogue as of writing, and a little distressing on your nightlife jeans is fine. The ones you wear on causal Fridays, not so much. If the knees on the jeans are completely cut out, call Eddie Van Halen, and send him his denim back.

3. Wear DARK denim, as it is your swiss army knife of the jeans world. You can pair them with a shirt and be fine. You can also dress them up with nice shoes, and a blazer, and look like THE MAN. This duality is harder to pull off with light colored denim, which is seen as more casual.

4. Choose jeans that fit properly. If you have to struggle with the zipper, and button to get them closed, they are too tight. If they fall down to your knees if you don’t wear them with a belt, they are too big. Somewhere in between is what you’re aiming for.

5. Buy QUALITY Denim. The $14.99 super saver specials from Target or Wally World, just won’t cut it in the long run. Be not surprised if they fall apart very quickly.

6. Do not buy ridiculously over priced jeans. Unless the jeans in the $250 plus range do the dishes, mow the lawn, and fetch the newspaper, there is no real reason to buy them. There are way too many great options available in the $75-$175 range, to make the others really worth it other than conspicuous consumption.

7. Buy your jeans on sale. Yes, it is much easier to walk in, buy what you want, and worry about the price later. Considering that a good pair can last longer than your cell phone, some car loans, and most Hollywood marriages, signing up for email lists, and waiting for a sale allows for a better quality of purchase.

8. Wash your jeans in cold water and turn them inside out when doing so. It sound silly, but it will help the color last a lot longer.

9. Enlist a fashionable woman’s help in buying jeans. Most women really do have an eye for what looks good on you. Enlist an impartial female, a spouse, or female friend to help you in this. The results will be worth it. Trust me on this one.


A Few Good Men’s Pairs:

Lucky Brand Slim Bootleg. These are very similar to the ones I LIVE in.

Antik Denim: trendy, and solid quality

7 For All Mankind : trendy, yet timeless. Pricey.

Levi’s Men’s 501: THE classic men’s jean

(The above are NOT affiliate links!)

J. Channell

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