Raison d’etre

The “reason for being” or purpose here at ProImage Consulting is really to help people become the person in the mirror that they always envisioned themselves being.

Becoming that preferred version of your self or “best self” as some like to say, is a journey, AND a destination. Unlike the GPS that may be in your car, very seldom does life say “you have arrived.” It’s nice to have a coach and guideposts along the way. That’s where we come in.

We are based in Dallas, and have worked with clients from many places. My personal background (JC) is in psychology, fashion, and the health and fitness industry. Matrix (a.k.a. Todd) has a background in fashion, and relationship coaching. We will work together with you to develop goals, and a workable plan, whether you’re just looking for the next step forward, or for a complete change.

Please do contact us. If we are not the right consultants for you, we will find you someone who is. 

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